2nd International Food Innovation Conference

Illustration: Arm with test tube pours coloured liquid over a cheese

15 june 2022


GDI Gottlieb Duttweiler Institute


  • Regular: Fr. 1200.-
  • Start-up price: Fr. 500.-

Man has used fermentation to make bread, cheese and beer for thousands of years. In the meantime, we have learnt to produce not only fats, proteins and dairy products, but also flavour enhancers, colourings and packaging with the help of micro-organisms. Fermentation is thus one of the key components in the switch to alternative protein sources. Fungi, algae and bacteria are the livestock of tomorrow.

The 2nd International Food Innovation Conference will take place on 15 June 2022. The theme will be "Precision fermentation: Brewing the future of food". Pioneers, industry experts and innovative start-ups will discuss how our nutrition system can be improved sustainably and the role played in this field by new and re-imagined forms of fermentation.


GDI Gottlieb Duttweiler Institute

Langhaldenstrasse 21

8803 Rüschlikon

Phone +41 44 724 61 11

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