Ernen Music Festival – Musikdorf

Ernen church in the distance surrounded by a green landscape

June to September 2021


Musikdorf Ernen

A classical music festival in Valais

The small village of Ernen has hosted its own classical music festival for the last 47 seasons.

Every summer, between June and September, audiences come together in the village’s magnificent baroque church to enjoy piano recitals and brand new compositions. Over the years, the Festival has gained international notoriety, both with the public and in the media.

The Festival also organises chamber music weeks during which participants are invited to discover exquisite and enchanting music...


Rachel Harnisch standing by the piano

Opera singer Rachel Harnisch

Two pianists playing the piano

Ernen church welcomes music lovers in summer with a programme of song, piano and other musical events.

Parish of Ernen with the church of Saint George

Parish of Ernen with the church of Saint George


Musikdorf Ernen

3995 Ernen

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