The «GENDER. Discover now» exhibition

Visual of the exhibition GESCHLECHT

until 31 October 2021


Stapferhaus Lenzburg


  • Adults: Fr. 21.-
  • Apprentices and students: Fr. 13.-
  • Children: Fr. 8.-

The exhibition «GENDER. Discover now» is a humorous confrontation with stereotypical roles and behavioural patterns. Are high-heeled shoes really only for women? How do men pose when they want to look particularly cool? Do we consider ourselves male, female or a non-binary gender? What categories and prejudicial opinions restrict us? 

Stapferhaus Lenzburg, which is known for its innovative and playful exhibitions, invites a wide variety of people to speak and encourages us to think about femininity and masculinity.

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Stapferhaus Lenzburg

Bahnhofstrasse 49

5600 Lenzburg

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  • Covid-19: Reserve seats until the evening of the lecture
  • Presence is not time-restricted and lasts an average of 2-3 hours.