Steps: TANZflug / Mirjam Gurtner

event-header-steps-TANZflug - Almost Home © Matthias Wäckerlin

28 april to 22 may 2022


25hours Hotel Zürich West, Hôtel N’vY, Geneva


Fr. 30.-

Contemporary dance in the hotel

Hotels stand for transit, the interface between inside and outside, public and private, hidden and exposed. Together with the dancers, the audience discovers different hotel rooms and their ambivalent meaning. The choreography «Almost Home» yields unexpected and intimate encounters and enables the audience to gain a new perspective on a familiar place.

Venues and dates:

29.04.- 01.05.2022: 25hours Hotel Zürich West 

21. and 22.05.2022: Hôtel N’vY, Geneva

Photo/stage: TANZflug / Mirjam Gurtner – Almost Home © Matthias Wäckerlin

Every two years, the Migros Culture Percentage Dance Festival Steps organises tours with outstanding productions of the current contemporary dance scene.


25hours Hotel Zürich West, Hôtel N’vY, Geneva

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Useful info

The audience can move freely between the different areas inside the hotel. There is no reserved seating. However, chairs are available if necessary. The hotel in Geneva is only partially wheelchair-accessible. 

Reservations for wheelchair tickets  

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