Ideas session: how to work together in an association

The youth section of the Hitzkirch Skaters' Club in training

20 September 2021 from 18:15 to 19:45

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until September 13 2021

How do people ideally work together so as to reach shared goals? What tools do teams need to continue working together over a long period of time? What enables ad-hoc teams to do their thing? And what most helps project teams to be successful?

These and other questions will be answered in the thought and idea-provoking session: «Associations: how to work effectively and enjoyably together». It will deal in particular with the following topics:

  • Less is more: less hierarchy, simpler structures and fewer procedures equals greater success.
  • The important things are: To have clear, mutually-agreed rules, a common purpose, good, regular communication and the will to keep on evolving for the better. 
  • Teams are most productive and successful when they strive for continuous, organic improvement and development, with regular feedback loops and contact between all members. 
  • This should be particularly borne in mind with regard to offline and online collaboration.


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Committee members of the Urban Wildlife Association creating a brush pile for hedgehogs and other small animals


online via Zoom

Opening hours


18:15 - 19:45