Grants service

A group of young people participating in a sporting activity

The grants service at the Migros Neuchâtel-Fribourg Cooperative is aimed at associations and clubs established within the cooperative’s region.

Grants service

The grants service at the Migros Neuchâtel-Fribourg Cooperative awards grants for social, sporting, and cultural projects organised by many institutions and associations based in the region.

Supported fields

Migros Neuchâtel-Fribourg aids projects in fields such as:

  • Sport 
  • Youth 
  • Health 
  • Non-profit social institutions 
  • Music and song 
  • Dance and theatre

No organisation may receive a grant more than once a year.

Applying for a grant

To apply for a grant, please write an email to soutiens@migrosnf.ch or send your application by post to this address:

Société coopérative Migros Neuchâtel-Fribourg
Service des dons
Route des Perveuils 2
2074 Marin-Epagnier

Full list of documents to be provided to us

  • Application letter 
  • Date and location of the event 
  • Description of the project 
  • Budget for the project 
  • A description of the association, institution, or organising society 
  • Proposals for publicity considerations 
  • Full details of the person making the application (surname, first name, phone number, email address, postal address) 

Incomplete applications will not be considered and no response will be made

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