OFFCUT Switzerland: sustainable upcycling

A view of the OFFCUT materials market in Zurich

Waste or raw materials? The OFFCUT materials market offers a wide range of remnants and offcuts otherwise destined for disposal. In this way, this pioneering project extends the life of unused and used goods, turning remnants into raw materials and feeding them into a sustainable cycle. The idea behind it is not just ecological in nature: materials with a previous life are inspirational and drive creativity. 

More than a mere salesroom

In addition to the sale of remnants, OFFCUT transmits know-how and techniques on upcycling. Thanks to the support of the Migros Pioneer Fund, the first OFFCUT was founded in Basel, then additional OFFCUT locations were opened in the German-speaking part of Switzerland in a first phase and the OFFCUT cooperative was established as a nationwide network. 

Helping the network grow

The next stage focuses on assessing and further developing the structures and processes built. The aim of the collaboration, cultivated across locations, and the resulting knowledge attained together is to support the development and continuation of the local material markets. In this way, OFFCUT will create – supported by the Migros Pioneer Fund – a functioning model of a self-learning, self-organising network. 

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Photo/stage: Weisswert