New funding program: «ici. gemeinsam hier»

Menschen tauschen sich aus in einem Café.

«ici. gemeinsam hier» supports initiatives on coexisting with equal opportunities.

Many people in Switzerland are multilingual and feel at home moving between different worlds of lived experience – we are a migration society. This is the starting point for «ici. gemeinsam hier.», which supports projects in any of the following areas:

  • Enabling intercultural encounters in everyday life
  • Facilitating bringing up young children to be multilingual
  • Steering working-age adults towards career choices

These projects are to be realised with an intercultural team and local volunteers. Possible projects include language cafés, intercultural meet-ups, toddler groups, clubs, community meetings, youth groups and so on.

Apply for funding now!

Applications can be submitted online at www.ici-gemeinsam-hier.ch from 1 October to 20 December 2021. From May 2022, the projects chosen by the jury will receive funding ranging from CHF 5,000 to 50,000 as well as specialist support for a two-year period.

For more information about the programme and the funding process, visit www.ici-gemeinsam-hier.ch.

Porträt Marlen Rutz

Migros Commitment – together with the project partners – aims to uncover the potential of initiatives that promote social cohesion. Through «ici. gemeinsam hier.», we are pooling resources and inspiring others to follow our lead.

Marlen Rutz, Programme Leader of «ici. gemeinsam hier.» and Social Affairs Project Leader at the Directorate of Cultural and Social Affairs, Federation of Migros Cooperatives.

Porträt Giuseppina Greco

Through «ici. gemeinsam hier.», we want to see values such as reciprocity, solidarity, non-discrimination, equality of opportunities and diversity become more than mere catchwords and be actively practised in everyday life.

Giuseppina Greco, Delegate of the Canton of Fribourg to the Specialist Unit for Migrant Integration and the Prevention of Racism IMR, Security and Justice Department SJD, and Board Member of the Conference of Integration Delegates (KID).

Broad-based funding programme

«ici. gemeinsam hier.» is a Migros Commitment. The Language and Educational Support Foundation has appointed the Federation of Migros Cooperatives to implement the programme. The Swiss Migration Commission EKM, the Conference of Integration Delegates (KID), the Swiss Conference of Specialist Units for Integration KoFI and the Tripartite Conference TK are programme partners.


Father and son playing chess together.
A mother is playing chess with her son. The father is watching them, smiling and holding a cup in his hand.
Parents and their children in a room, «ici. gemeinsam hier» funding programme.
Adults and children together at a games table.
Three children playing together at a table.
Laughing girl with her mother and sister in the background.
Two women in conversation in front of a window at «ici. gemeinsam hier».
Two young adults in conversation at «ici. gemeinsam hier».
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«ici. gemeinsam hier.»

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Photo / scene: ici. gemeinsam hier / Anna-Tina Eberhard