Creative Kids: The doers of the future

Three kids work with wood and cardboard on a workbench. Photo: Michael Fritschi, Foto-Werk, Basel

Globalisation, digitisation, connectivity - the world is changing at a very fast pace and our society is facing enormous challenges. Interdisciplinary skills such as creativity, critical thinking and collaborative skills are some of the key skills needed to find innovative solutions for a better future. The Swiss education system has an opportunity to promote and nurture these skills in children and young people right from the start. 

Unfurling individual potential in play

Creative Kids has developed a supplementary extra-curricular scheme for children and young people aged 10 upwards. The Design Thinking approach allows the doers of the future to recognise their interdisciplinary skills, and learn how to use and develop them. In playing together they discover problem-solving strategies, experience a culture of learning from mistakes, and unfurl their individual potential.  

The aim of Creative Kids is to link together players in the educational ecosystem, by helping them to implement day to day innovative collaboration methods in school children. A further aim is to get decision-makers in politics, society and the economy to recognise the potential of the new educational scheme and to help promote it accordingly. 

National and international expansion

The Creative Kids scheme is currently under construction, and for the moment is being rolled out nationally with the support of the Migros Pioneer Fund. Beyond that, the Pioneer Project intends to extend its activities to Germany and Austria. 

Creative Kids

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Photo/stage: Michael Fritschi, Foto-Werk, Basel 

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