#withyou: Combating domestic violence

A person holding up the palm of their hand towards the camera in defence.

The number of cases of domestic violence is high and the pandemic has only exacerbated the problem. The existing helplines and advice centres do valuable work, but many victims are reluctant to consult them out of fear or shame. According to experts, only 15-20% of people who suffer domestic abuse ever file a complaint. A low-key alternative can do much to improve that. It supplements advice centres and aims at early detection.

Anonymous support by app

The pioneering project #withyou wants to tap into this potential. With assistance from the Migros Pioneer Fund, the project plans to develop an app that offers domestic violence victims anonymous digital support. A kind of risk assessment mechanism is used to help them gauge how healthy a relationship is and to provide them with concrete help. Victims can also log incidents and store proof in a safe place. The app is also aimed at a wider audience: family members can receive input on how they can react and where they can get help.

Safety net across all Switzerland

The #withyou app will be available in several languages throughout Switzerland. In order to provide a gap-free safety net for victims, #withyou plans to work with advice centres, women's shelters, doctors and the police across Switzerland.

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Photo/stage: Tinna Korn