The areas of our work

The Migros Pioneer Fund seeks out and finds pioneering projects in seven different areas - while remaining open to ideas that go beyond them.


The Circular Economy

Society needs a sustainable economic fabric – a fabric that replaces unnecessary consumption and waste with a sustainable approach to using resources. The Migros Pioneer Fund promotes a concept that will become indispensable in the future: an economy based on the economical use and extensive reuse of raw materials, both for the climate and for future generations.


People & Digitalisation

Digitalisation is changing the world fundamentally. To ensure that the technological transformation benefits us all, we need to play an active role in shaping it. The Migros Pioneer Fund supports projects that place people and their skills in the spotlight and ensure that technological progress is made responsibly and to the benefit of society.


Collaborative Innovation

From climate change to the future of democracy, the key issues of our time are complex. The Migros Pioneer Fund is committed to establishing new forms of collaboration. Multi-dimensional problems can be overcome if we all start thinking outside the box of our own discipline and working together to find solutions.



What we eat is of paramount importance – not only for our own health, but also for the state of our planet. This is because manufacturing processes and how we treat our food all have impacts on the environment. The Migros Pioneer Fund therefore supports projects that help society to take a responsible approach to eating – from production to consumption.


Creatives & the Market

Creativity is what makes a society resilient. This is because creativity gives you the ability to respond to unforeseen events and find, or invent, new approaches. In a time where lots of things are being reorganised and reassessed, the Migros Pioneer Fund supports projects that promote creativity for the benefit of society and use it as a key to societal development.


Museums & the Public

Museums are there for all of us – but they need to keep pace with society even in times of change. To do this, they need to remain in close contact with their audiences and engage with them again and again. The Migros Pioneer Fund helps museums to keep rethinking their own roles and to find, or invent, their place within society – enabling them to establish a firmer foothold.



We cannot keep going down the same road. Our current approach to mobility is damaging the environment and the climate – and thus ourselves. The Migros Pioneer Fund supports projects that aim to advance individuals as well as society. We need sustainable, attractive ways of travelling as well as land use planning that takes into account mobility. And we need to come up with ways of travelling less and travelling better.