Laufmeter: Sustainable fashion

Laufmeter fashion show with applauding onlookers

Wearing high-quality clothes for longer, buying them regionally and fairly. Slow Fashion is the counter-movement to Fast Fashion. It stands for the conscious use of resources, even in your wardrobe. Consumers are increasingly paying attention to sustainability, production conditions and origin. With the support of the Migros Pioneer fund, the Laufmeter pioneer project is creating a permanent place for Swiss fashion in the public’s awareness.

In touch with the future of fashion

To this end, the «uf dr Gass» fashion shows – which for years have successfully taken place in Bern – will be expanded to other Swiss cities. In addition, the public has direct access to local fashion via pop-up stores, mobile showrooms and an e-shop. Laufmeter shows how much fun regional and sustainable fashion can be.


Laufmeter fashion show in a red-carpeted Bern street

Photo: Anne Camille Vaucher

Laufmeter photo shoot: Men and women posing

Photo: Angelika Annen

Logo laufmeter


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Photo/stage: Anne Camille Vaucher