Mybuxi: On-demand fleet of vehicles

A woman opening the door of a minibus from the inside. The mybuxi driver is looking through the window.

Switzerland has an appealingly user-friendly public transport network. In the big cities, people have the freedom to choose between several means of transport. However, in smaller communities and in rural areas, there is often no good alternative to owning a car. This is where the pioneering project mybuxi comes in, with support from the Migros Pioneer fund.

Getting mobile when you need to

In the future, an on-demand fleet of professional drivers will help improve connections to the public transport network. Existing means of transportation will be better used, and there will be a shift away from motorised private vehicles. The first test operations are being set up in various regions. Demand is controlled via an app, which can later be integrated into existing mobility services.

mybuxi Logo


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