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Unique commitment

Migros demonstrates commitment to society – contributing more than 150 million francs each year. It creates a wide range of opportunities and launches bold initiatives in the areas of community, culture, education, health, technology and ethics, as well as climate and resources. As such, Migros Commitment is unique worldwide for its variety, independence and longevity. The idea behind it goes back to the very beginnings of Migros. Migros founder Gottlieb Duttweiler launched it in the early 1940s and even enshrined the Migros Culture Percentage in the Articles of Association as a separate corporate objective in 1957. Ever since, Migros has been passionate and far-sighted in advocating a sustainable quality of life and promoting social cohesion – not just in its core business, but well beyond it, too. The social initiatives of Migros, and therefore Migros Commitment itself, have included the Migros Aid Fund since 1979 and the Migros Pioneer Fund since 2012.

We are committed to helping society and are passionate and far-sighted in advocating sustainable quality of life. We have been demonstrating engagement through the Migros Culture Percentage, the Migros Pioneer Fund and the Migros Aid Fund since 1957. We create a wide range of opportunities, launch bold initiatives and promote social cohesion.

Our commitment in figures


the umbrella brand Migros Commitment was launched. It spans the three funding vehicles Migros Culture Percentage, Migros Pioneer Fund and Migros Aid Fund.

Over 150 million francs

Migros Commitment invests in society each year.

6 subject areas

are funded by Migros Commitment: community life, culture, education, health, climate & resources and technology & ethics.


Migros Culture Percentage

The Migros Culture Percentage supports cultural and social initiatives and unlocks a wide range of opportunities for a broad section of the population. Alongside traditional programmes it specifically highlights visionary social ventures. The Migros Culture Percentage also includes the Migros Club School, the Gottlieb Duttweiler Institute, the Migros Museum of Contemporary Art, the four «im Grünen» parks and the Monte Generoso rack railway. In all, the Migros Culture Percentage invests over 140 million francs each year.


Migros Pioneer Fund

Change the world, and you’ll meet resistance. But progress comes when people with bold ideas and drive take on entrenched structures. Since 2012 the Migros Pioneer Fund has been promoting this courage to transform audacious plans into concrete solutions. We identify trailblazing ideas, give encouragement to pioneers and venture with them into the unknown. We become close partners to them, and provide both funding and practical advice. Each year the Migros Pioneer Fund receives around 15 million francs from the companies of the Migros Group.


Migros Aid Fund

The Migros Aid Fund has been supporting social and environmental projects in Switzerland and internationally since 1979. Migros’ ten regional cooperatives provide it with one million francs a year in funding. Every year, the fund provides financial support for about 20 projects of established organisations in the sphere of international development cooperation. The Migros Aid Fund enables projects that benefit humans and nature and adopt a professional, sustainable approach. The projects often focus on disadvantaged demographic groups such as women, children and young people.

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Our organisation

Migros Commitment brings together an impressive number of regional and nationwide operators from across the Migros Group as a single organisation.

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